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  • No kids, check. Mimosa in hand, check. Perfect pool situation, check. Relaxation, check, check, check! Kids are cool and all, but not when I’m on vacation. If I wanted to hang out with kids, well, I’d have them! And I don’t. So… HELLO CLUB MED PUNTA CANA ZEN OASIS. No kids, no noise, no splashing, […]

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    What a freaking PERFECT way for me to explore Barcelona. If you don’t know what Foto Ruta is, they’re a tour company in Barcelona, London, Buenos Aires and Santiago. But their tours are anything but ordinary (you KNEW there’d be a twist!) – they’re photo tours! As in, they guide you through the city and […]

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    Goddamnit Barcelona, one visit and I’m in love. About two months ago I set out for a week-long trip to Barcelona, the land of tapas, pinchos, Estrella, sangria and one awesome apartment hotel, the Urban Suites. The rooms at the Urban Suites are ideal for a stay of any length. They’re clean, comfortable and filled […]

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