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  • What a freaking PERFECT way for me to explore Barcelona. If you don’t know what Foto Ruta is, they’re a tour company in Barcelona, London, Buenos Aires and Santiago. But their tours are anything but ordinary (you KNEW there’d be a twist!) – they’re photo tours! As in, they guide you through the city and […]

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    Port-au-Prince is one of those “up and coming destinations” that still has some up and coming to do. Despite that, there are some awesome things that you can do in the city. Like every item on this list. 1. RAM on Thursday nights at the Hotel Oloffson. Locals, guests, everyone comes together on Thursday nights […]

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    Oh, you want to see the Hollywood sign up close? I got you. There’s really only one way to see the Hollywood sign, and that involves getting your ass in gear and hiking Beachwood Canyon. You heard me, you’re going on a hike! Let’s start from the beginning. To get to Beachwood Canyon you’re going […]

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    So, who wants to come visit me in NYC? Consider this my NYC list of go-tos, which means this is now your list of NYC go-tos. You’re welcome. 1. Cafe Habana for the grilled mexican style corn and the best cubano in the city. Image via the Cafe Habana Facebook page 2. Whitney Museum for […]

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    Sometimes you just need a night out to make everything better. No one said you have to remember all of it. Which is exactly why I love every single bar on this list. 1. The Dark Room. This is your rock and roll, we don’t give a f*ck, pour me a shot of whiskey bar. […]

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    Yes, I did the Koh Phi Phi boat tour. Yes, it was incredible. Yes, I’m about to make you jealous by showing you pictures from that tour. Does that answer all of your questions? Koh Phi Phi, amazing. The amount of tourists overrunning Koh Phi Phi, not so much. But I was in Thailand and […]

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