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  • This week I wrote an 11 of the Best Bucket List Adventures pieces for MTV Travel Co., or as I liked to call it (my editor not so much) 11 Adventures that Prove You’ve Got Bigger Balls than Your Friends, that focused on some pretty insane adventures around the world. Would you eat a tarantula […]

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    Curaçao is one of those places that you travel to and don’t easily forget. I think Bourdain would agree. It’s more than just a pretty Caribbean island, Curaçao is a place with soul. A place with history. A place with culture. A place with incredible food and endless adventures. A place that I like to think […]

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    This is what happens when you give someone like me a snorkel and some flippers. Epic snorkel selfies. But really, between my new found love for snorkeling and a relatively untouched beach like Curaçao’s Jan Thiel, I was the happiest person alive floating in that ocean. A bit scared and visibly awkward, but happy nonetheless. […]

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