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  • Oh, you want to see the Hollywood sign up close? I got you. There’s really only one way to see the Hollywood sign, and that involves getting your ass in gear and hiking Beachwood Canyon. You heard me, you’re going on a hike! Let’s start from the beginning. To get to Beachwood Canyon you’re going […]

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    Sometimes you just need a night out to make everything better. No one said you have to remember all of it. Which is exactly why I love every single bar on this list. 1. The Dark Room. This is your rock and roll, we don’t give a f*ck, pour me a shot of whiskey bar. […]

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    When I say vegan, you say drinks! VEGAN! DRINKS! Ok, never in a million years did I think that I would be this excited about a vegan restaurant. Let alone vegan cocktails. But I am. So get over it. (Vegan! Drinks!) This place isn’t your average hippie-run, free spirited, earth-loving kind of set-up (sorry to […]

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    Basically everyone who visits LA wants to know where the best celeb-spotting sites are. Well, here you go. Here are 25. Don’t ask me again. Ever. 1. The Nice Guy Who to expect: Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Aaron Paul, Katy Perry, Russell Simons, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne. You remember them, right? The Nice […]

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    Or, what I think every time I go to Runyon Canyon. Look, I like to eat well and drink like a fish. Sue me. So when I go through my workout spurts – which are very few and far between – I always think Runyon Canyon is a great idea. Until I’m there. And once […]

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    A simple cocktail is a beautiful thing. Especially when that simple cocktail comes in the form of a Sazerac. Put rye whiskey, absinthe, bitters, sugar and a lemon peel together and boom, you’ve got yourself an old-fashioned glass of perfection. And while some of the little beauties below aren’t exactly traditional, they’re some of my absolute […]

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