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  • Goddamnit Barcelona, one visit and I’m in love. About two months ago I set out for a week-long trip to Barcelona, the land of tapas, pinchos, Estrella, sangria and one awesome apartment hotel, the Urban Suites. The rooms at the Urban Suites are ideal for a stay of any length. They’re clean, comfortable and filled […]

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    First of all, it’s awesome. But you probably already guessed that. The retreat? CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The participants? Everyone! Well, almost everyone, it’s a girls-only retreat. I joined as a late twenties adventure traveler looking for a unique and empowering experience. But it’s true, really anyone can do it […]

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    Beaches are cool and all, but DAMN, these ice hotels look amazing. Look, I love a good beach vacation. But I’ve been there, done that. And you know what I haven’t done? SLEPT IN A MOTHERF*CKING IGLOO. That’s what. And mark my words, I will this winter. You just wait and see which one of […]

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    So you’re looking for a hotel in Washington D.C.? Let me tell you about a little place I found… Well, maybe little isn’t quite so accurate, but you get my point. The Hamilton Hotel located on 14th Street and K Street right in Downtown Washington D.C. was the perfect place to call home for a few days. […]

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    Fine. Twist my arm. I guess I’ll stay in the same hotel as President Obama. That’s right ladies and gentleman, I stayed in the same hotel as President Obama in Cape Town. Not because I’m extremely fancy or anything (I’m only Iggy Azalea level fancy), it just happened to work out that way and who […]

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