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  • You know what I love more than a great camera bag? A great bag. Period. I get around. I think that’s pretty evident. So sometimes I have to go for function over beauty. When I’m traveling, at any given time I can have on me: 2 iPhones (you know, in case one dies or I have […]

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    Now, who wants to go camping? From stairs that take climbing a tree to a whole new level to a pod home that I’m ready to move into right now, I’m not going on another camping trip without every single piece of outdoor travel gear on this list. And you can’t make me. 1. The […]

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    While I love me a good pair of jeans, $189 is a lot of dough to spend on jeans I’m just going to ruin while traveling anyways. Or spill food on. Yeah, probably that one. While these phone charging Joe’s Jeans are screaming my name and are totally something I wouldn’t mind receiving as a […]

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    And I need one. That’s that. Weighing in a at whopping 27 to 32 pounds, these folding bikes from Citizen Bikes are a travelers dream. And my new everything. They fold, they’re easy to carry and the best part (which I think you’ll agree with) is that they’re reasonably priced. Again, I need one. The […]

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    How freaking cool is it that this hoodie has earphones built in? Because I think that it is seriously cool. And I’ll take 10. Besides being something that every traveler needs RIGHT MEOW, oh wait, that was it. Every traveler needs one of these RIGHT MEOW. And call me a nerd, but my absolute favorite […]

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