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    Foto Ruta Barcelona Streetscape Photo Tour

    Foto Ruta Barcelona Streetscape Photo Tour

    What a freaking PERFECT way for me to explore Barcelona.

    If you don’t know what Foto Ruta is, they’re a tour company in Barcelona, London, Buenos Aires and Santiago. But their tours are anything but ordinary (you KNEW there’d be a twist!) – they’re photo tours!

    As in, they guide you through the city and along the way you capture what inspires you on your DSLR or iPhone. It’s awesome. You get to explore the city AND capture it with the help of your professional photographer tour guide.

    Here are some of the scenes that my guide Francisco (who is an AMAZING photographer, btw) helped me capture on my particular Streetscape Tour:

    Foto Ruta Barcelona

    Foto Ruta Barcelona Streetscape Tour

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    Photo Tours Barcelona

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    This tour was basically made for me. I snap everything when I’m exploring a city anyways, and this gave me the chance to do it with someone who could really help me make my photos POP and show me the corners of the city I’d never find alone. He asked me specifically what I wanted to capture and he decided on our route and what we’d discover based on that. (I wanted to see the back corners of the city that only locals know about, obviously.)

    The tour was upbeat and having someone along with me to answer non-photo related questions about the city was really appreciated. I have a lot of questions when I travel – what can I say, I’m a curious girl!

    We ended our tour with a beer at a tiny local bar (exactly my kind of place) where Francisco and I went through my shots from the day, analyzing my favorites and chatting about the good and bad elements of each. It was nice to get immediate feedback on my shots so that I could go reshoot some of my favorites and keep his tips in mind for shooting during the rest of my trip.

    All in all I’d call this one of my new favorite ways to explore an unfamiliar since it combines everything that I love and do anyways – get lost and snap!


    My tour was sponsored by Foto Ruta. Opinions are absolutely, positively all my own. Scouts honor.

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