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  • Port-au-Prince is one of those “up and coming destinations” that still has some up and coming to do. Despite that, there are some awesome things that you can do in the city. Like every item on this list. 1. RAM on Thursday nights at the Hotel Oloffson. Locals, guests, everyone comes together on Thursday nights […]

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    Beaches are cool and all, but DAMN, these ice hotels look amazing. Look, I love a good beach vacation. But I’ve been there, done that. And you know what I haven’t done? SLEPT IN A MOTHERF*CKING IGLOO. That’s what. And mark my words, I will this winter. You just wait and see which one of […]

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    A “cocktail lab” with the best damn food I’ve had this year. You have truly outdone yourself with barmini, Señor Andrés. The inside is like walking into your eccentric Aunt’s new home (you know the one I’m talking about). It’s clean, modern and a just a tad out of the ordinary. Like, was she drunk […]

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