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  • So you’re looking for a hotel in Washington D.C.? Let me tell you about a little place I found… Well, maybe little isn’t quite so accurate, but you get my point. The Hamilton Hotel located on 14th Street and K Street right in Downtown Washington D.C. was the perfect place to call home for a few days. […]

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    Oysters and booze on a boat with the perfect sunset as your backdrop. Yes, this is real life. Earlier this week I talked about the places I would take you in NYC if your ass ever came to visit me. (Nudge, nudge.) One of those dear places is Grand Banks, a boat/restaurant/bar on Pier 25 […]

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    Oh, you want to see the Hollywood sign up close? I got you. There’s really only one way to see the Hollywood sign, and that involves getting your ass in gear and hiking Beachwood Canyon. You heard me, you’re going on a hike! Let’s start from the beginning. To get to Beachwood Canyon you’re going […]

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