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  • Emphasis on the AF. Iceland, let’s talked about the weird AF things I ate while I was visiting. I mean, I get it, your country’s average temperature throughout the year is 27° to 57° Fahrenheit. Nothing grows and wildlife is scarce. And, you’re all gnarly AF Vikings. Actually, now that I start to think about it, it makes […]

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    So, who wants to come visit me in NYC? Consider this my NYC list of go-tos, which means this is now your list of NYC go-tos. You’re welcome. 1. Cafe Habana for the grilled mexican style corn and the best cubano in the city. Image via the Cafe Habana Facebook page 2. Whitney Museum for […]

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    Sometimes you just need a night out to make everything better. No one said you have to remember all of it. Which is exactly why I love every single bar on this list. 1. The Dark Room. This is your rock and roll, we don’t give a f*ck, pour me a shot of whiskey bar. […]

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